The End of an Era

m.o.v.e announced today that they were disbanding.

Even in the midst of work, finals, and a lot of stress, this news strikes me and saddens me. Enough to break my silence on this blog. (I’ve been doing Japanese music-related things. Went to the Yoshida Brothers x MONKEY MAJIK concert, for example. But that’s not for this post.)

I remember listening to this on the flight to Hong Kong in 2001 and falling in love at first listen. I remember downloading the MP3s from Napster and online sites and burning them and replaying them over and over, both on Winamp and in CD format. I remember hunting down their CDs in Kinokuniya and Book-off and playing them in the school store when I worked. They were my first music fandom, and the efforts they make to keep in touch with their fans no matter where in the world they live or what language they speak astounds me.

It might be safe to say that without them, I wouldn’t be as into Japanese pop music as I am. This blog wouldn’t exist. (Hell, the name is derived from one of their songs.)

I’m always going to regret never being able to go to one of their lives.

But for 15 years of music that I still genuinely enjoy, I’m grateful, and I wish yuri, motsu, and t-kimura all the best in whatever paths they pursue from here on.

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CHEMISTRY at Otakon 2011

04/15/2011 2 comments

Otakon has announced one of their musical guests for this year’s convention: R&B duo CHEMISTRY!

In all honesty, I’m very much considering going even if there won’t be autograph sessions or any of the like. I may not stan them as much as I did AAA way back when, but they make some great music. Apparently the dance quartet (now trio) Synergy, whom they worked with for the regeneration tour and singles Shawty & Keep Your Love, may also come?

Between this and Kinkakuji at the Lincoln Center Festival… be right back, I’m rearranging my plans and my financials for this summer.

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Obligatory Ranking Post (the very belated and lengthy sequel)

04/08/2011 2 comments

I gotta say, I love posts that inspire discussion and all – I really do, even if I’m not a very talkative person myself – but let’s take a different track this time. Sorry to say, not every post can be as awesome and provoking and thought inspiring. Or maybe just plain provocative.

At long last, I finally offer you another ranking post.

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Charity Auction!

Hello, adoring public! It’s nice to see people weigh in on the subject of fandom, and what makes a good or a bad fan, but let’s move a bit past that for a moment, shall we?

International Wota is currently holding a charity auction to benefit Japan, and I’ve put up some things from my own collection for it. If you’re a fan of AAA, w-inds., or girl idols in general, you’re probably going to be interested, so check it out!

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The Bad, the Worse, and the Ugly

03/24/2011 11 comments

I have a very simple question to pose to you today. (Perhaps not so simple, given that I’ve been mulling over it for the better part of two years.) What is a bad fan?

Fans can be generally defined as people who fanatically like something – but what actions separate the good from the bad?

Is it a person who doesn’t financially support the artist, but downloads everything instead?

Is it a person who wants to become a major player in the fandom and resorts to harassment, stealing, and other sorts of wank in order to spread their name?

Is it a person who is delusional regarding the subject of their fandom, such that they believe s/he is their *~*ONE TRUE RABU*~* and may even stalk her/him, if the option is available?

Is it a person who likes only one part of the whole, instead of the whole?

Is it a person with absolutely nothing to contribute to the fandom other than inane and potentially insulting commentary?

Is it a person who automatically jumps to insults and derogatory words (see: bitch, whore, slut) when referring to people they dislike?

Is it a person who is insultingly outspoken about what they consider immoral only so that s/he becomes known as a major speaker on the fandom in question?

Is it a person who, despite being a fan, abuses language in their fanhood? (Note that this is not the same as not being proficient in the main language in which you are communicating – usually English. See: “hi minasan ginki des ka” as an opener, usage of the word “bakka” in reference to an idiot instead of the proper “baka”, random usage of the terms “kawaii” and “kakkoii,” and ending every other sentence in “ne.”)

Is it a person who may like the fandom in question, but are very outspoken regarding parts they do not like?

Is it a person who thinks that they have the right to judge who is a “true” fan and who isn’t?

Is it a person who is truly fanatical, someone who is almost rabidly unforgiving of anyone who holds a different opinion in regards to their fandom, even in a public forum for the open discussion of the topic?

Is it all of the above?

Or is it something completely different?

You tell me.

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Ahoy, V6 stans!

So for those of you who haven’t heard from your local flailing V6 fangirl (unless that’s me, in which case I’m doing my job right now), Go will be coming to New York to perform Kinkakuji this summer, July 21-July 24, as part of the Lincoln Center Festival.

Those of you who think you might be able to make it, you’ve got plenty of time to start planning and preparing.

Those of you who don’t give a shit, well, too bad. Even ignoring the V6 connection, look up Kinkakuji. It’s a surprisingly compelling tale.

And for those of you who just want to know when I’ll post more often on this blog… I did say this blog was operating under the pretenses that I didn’t give a crap. (Well, that’s a lie. I care, I do. We blame school.)

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I recently found out that thanks to a happy show by the name of Music Fair, a doomsday collaboration had occurred.

“Recently found out” being just “tonight” (It is two minutes to 5AM as I type this, and I am told I finished this post and its tumblr accompaniment at 5:42AM…) while procrastinating on a paper due in about 8 hours, and “doomsday collaboration” being a situation of the “wow, I didn’t think this would ever occur” variety.

But apparently I’m pretty slow on the uptake, since this particular episode aired 4 days ago.

Basically, HOME MADE KAZOKU, Johnny’s duo Tegomass, and AKB48 subunit Watarirouka Hashiritai 7 got together and covered Perfume’s Chocolate Disco.

Some things were great about this:

  • Watarirouka Hashiritai being the main singers.  What better cover of a cute girl group than with a cute girl group.
  • KURO being effin’ cool-as-hell KURO. MICRO also gets points because the interjections didn’t seem out of place, but c’mon. KURO was rocking the shades.
  • DJ U-ICHI. You can never go wrong with DJ U-ICHI.
  • The original dance!
  • Massu enjoying the hell out of himself.
  • Massu and KURO bopping to the song together. I have an OTP for this song now. And I don’t do pairings.
  • I adore those schoolgirl uniforms Watarirouka were wearing. So much. You don’t even know.

But others were just bad:

  • Sorry to say, AKB48 stans, Watanabe Mayu’s (I think?) solo singing here. Too heavy on the cute. Group sounded great together. Mayu solo made me wince.
  • Hell, even Massu sounded kind of off because it was a bit too high for him.
  • Tegoshi trying to be cool-as-hell when he wasn’t flirting with the camera. Yeah… that’s what HMK were there for. You looked like some of the girls rejected you.
  • Going back to Massu… the skirt? Even for Johnny’s, that’s a pretty big WTF.
  • MICRO not singing. Man’s got a good voice. What I wanted to hear most was him singing.

But hell, in the end it was fun. Still not gonna stan AKB48 or Tegomass, and my interest in HOME MADE KAZOKU is definitely much lower than it was about 3 to 4 years ago… but can we get more along the lines of this from Japan, please?