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3rd Time’s the Charm?

Congratulations! You’ve found the new blog of Kimitsu, procrastinator, slacker, and non-writer extraordinaire.

This will mark my third public blog dedicated to Japanese pop culture and my ramblings on it, and you’ll notice, it has a shiny name to go with it. 無礼講⇒ナイト [bureikouNIGHT], Bureikou for short, comes from the title of a move/m.o.v.e song, “無礼講ナイト ~Bring your mic.” It’s one of my favorite songs from one of my most enduring fandoms. Bureikou means something akin to “putting aside rank” – which, in a hierarchical society like Japan, is loosening things up quite a bit. Since blogging began feeling like work – which I put plenty of aside already – we’ll say this name is hope that relaxing on this will help me to blog more!

This is meant to be a separate blog from my past efforts – but I’ve kept some of my old outputs, whether as a basis for things I intend to continue on this blog, or as a piece of writing that I liked, if only for a four-word sentence. You can see these just below this post if you’re early enough to the party, or in the archives if you came fashionably late.

You’ll also notice that unlike my first two blogs (let it beat! and minnaSTAR), this name doesn’t come from the title of an AAA song. Which isn’t to say that they don’t have any songs that I could use for the title of this blog – “suredanse” and “hareruya” are still open for interested WordPress users – but to mark a distinct move (pun unintended) from the AAA fandom. Lately I’ve been privy to seeing some drama from AAA fans that has become rather annoying and even outrageous, and it’s gotten to the point where I’ve become ashamed to have been a fan.

Which isn’t to say that I don’t like AAA – even if their work has been tiringly monotone lately – but to those fans, whether or not they’ll read this, have a hearty “F— you.” Thank you for killing a fandom that has always been one of my prides. I’m sick of the rampant attempts to be Big Name Fans; I’m sick of the pettiness that makes people think they can legitimately ask for credit for finding (yes, finding – as in, they did a Google search and posted it somewhere, and want credit for that); I’m sick of the lack of acceptance between fans towards each others’ opinions; I’m sick of seeing things declared as fact on speculation, on opinion, on feeling and bias alone with a lack of proper information; I’m sick of everything that I have seen in the past few months from ALL sides. (You may think you’re the better one. You probably aren’t.)

So thank you for making a spectacle that was – and still is – absolutely disgusting to watch. Thank you for bringing the drama of the Johnny’s fan communities into what has never been an uptight, closed-minded, extremist group of fans. Thank you for killing my happy memories of the group. Thank you for making the Internet a worse place.

To those of my readers sticking around after this, get ready for a new embittered blogger when I do rant.

Because it always sucks when fans kill the fandom.

We now return you to your usual happy Johnny’s-filled posts of glee!

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  1. 03/27/2010 at 6:24 PM


    I love your snarkiness and the world needs to be graced with more.

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