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Johnny’s Countdown 2010-2011 Picspam!

I’m not very much for being a media blog. But I made a lot of caps of the Countdown (a total of 274, pared down from 2000) and frankly Koichi’s beauty must be shared with the world, so have the pics that didn’t make it into the Countdown post!

Fair warning: If one were inclined to count, you’d notice I have 127 pictures in the actual Countdown post. That means 147 random pictures, all 500×281 pixels, now follow. If you are on dialup or a slow connection, I’m sorry if you decide to click the jump and basically screw yourself in the butt.

Oh, Koichi. The furry mice copulating in your chest pocket.

I wonder who had problems holding it in?

Tegoshi has been looking at one too many pictures of Hamasaki Ayumi of late.

This may make you think that Kanjani8 land is all happy rainbows and blue skies and fun times. You probably aren’t far off the mark.

Gal!Tegoshi Yuko likes to know and show off the latest trends.

Koki’s creeper face is very much well and alive.


Here be Arashi.

There went Arashi.

Ryo is making sure the children of Japan are not misinformed. Gundan-zushi can be dainty, too!

Futomaki… not so much.

Because I insist on having my food porn.

Not that kind of food porn.

Congrats, you’ve made it all the way to picture #100. How’s it feel?

Alright, alright! I confess! I gave in to picspamming solely for this picture. ♥

Ken knows he’s still cuter than any Hey! Say! VOLTRON-ite.

In case you haven’t read the actual Countdown post, this is where everyone noticed Taichi sprawled for attention.

Go back up and look at the creeper face. These two cannot possibly be the same person.

Aw, time to go already? Okay, off with you!

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