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It’s been a long time… [Tamaki Nami’s Missing You ~Time To Love~]

I am on a continuous quest for songs with really, really, really long names. It’s hilarious to see them at karaoke, squished in tiny font into a tiny space. I don’t actually sing them, because half the time I don’t know them. But it’s hilarious.

That brings us to Missing You ~Time To Love~ feat. KWANGSOO, JIHYUK, GEONIL (from Choshinsei). I think it’s self explanatory.

Missing You ~Time To Love~ is Tamaki’s first physical offering since her first album with Universal Music Japan, STEP, released February last year. It’s also apparently the only single for her upcoming album Ready!, to be released basically a year after STEP. I know she’s changed her style fairly radically since signing up with Universal J, but I’ve been listening to this for the better part of a week and I’m still not sure what to think about it.

This song is actually a cover of the Korean Time to Love, a collaboration between girl group T-ARA and boyband Choshinsei. (And now you know where the subtitle comes from.) Apparently, since Choshinsei are signed to UNIVERSAL J for their Japanese releases, the three rappers reprised their roles in the Japanese cover. I don’t know if it was a favor, or orders from the higher-ups, but the song was probably improved by it. Sadly, the appearance didn’t extend to the music video, because it would’ve been possibly more interesting than what we got… but I’ll get to that later.

Tamaki takes over both the rapping and the singing parts T-ARA held, with reworked lyrics in Japanese, of course. She’s decent enough with pace at the former – but something about her rapping just doesn’t strike a chord with me. (To be fair, I didn’t like the female rap in the original either, but for the tone.) The singing turns out better, of course, but that’s what she’s pretty much been doing since her debut almost 8 years ago.

I’m fairly certain the music is the same as it was in the original song, but considering the original was released in 2009, the music hasn’t had time to become outdated. Synth beats with a piano melody, though dramatic, there’s not much to really say about it – arguably, it’s not much without the vocals. Which doesn’t say much in the case of Tamaki’s version, when much of the vocals are rapping.

The single also comes with a remix (Missing You ~Time To Love~ feat. KWANGSOO, JIHYUK, GEONIL (from Choshinsei) (U.F.S Remix)) that exchanges the piano and synth for a more motown atmosphere. It fits better with the rap, but the chorus sticks out oddly. This song just can’t win.

Going back to the promotional music video. So we don’t have the boys from Choshinsei. What we do have is Tamaki Nami decked out like a shiny Victorian hooker with four male backdancers. The PV gives about 80% focus on Tamaki, and 20% focus on the backdancers twirling and posing against doors and other silly things.

And on the flipside, there is Tamaki Nami in a glass display case. Not sure you can really say this is better.

Unless, of course, you like zettai ryouiki. There’s plenty of that on offer.

Hell, just look at the cover. I like the way the artist name and title are displayed. The bright red blocks against the black and white photo is a nice contrast, too. But that photo is not and will hardly ever be a flattering picture of Tamaki Nami.

Missing You ~Time To Love~ is a mess on many counts – unless you are a diehard fan of Tamaki Nami. I wish the best for her, but I seriously hope her album is better than this.

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