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The End of an Era

m.o.v.e announced today that they were disbanding.

Even in the midst of work, finals, and a lot of stress, this news strikes me and saddens me. Enough to break my silence on this blog. (I’ve been doing Japanese music-related things. Went to the Yoshida Brothers x MONKEY MAJIK concert, for example. But that’s not for this post.)

I remember listening to this on the flight to Hong Kong in 2001 and falling in love at first listen. I remember downloading the MP3s from Napster and online sites and burning them and replaying them over and over, both on Winamp and in CD format. I remember hunting down their CDs in Kinokuniya and Book-off and playing them in the school store when I worked. They were my first music fandom, and the efforts they make to keep in touch with their fans no matter where in the world they live or what language they speak astounds me.

It might be safe to say that without them, I wouldn’t be as into Japanese pop music as I am. This blog wouldn’t exist. (Hell, the name is derived from one of their songs.)

I’m always going to regret never being able to go to one of their lives.

But for 15 years of music that I still genuinely enjoy, I’m grateful, and I wish yuri, motsu, and t-kimura all the best in whatever paths they pursue from here on.

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