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Hi, I’m Kimitsu. You may have heard of me from my former Internet karaoke exploits as a 6th generation member of Sekai no Melody, lurker at Asian Karaoke, or a generation 3 member of Aria Entertainment. You might have mingled with me verbally when I actually participated on forums, like the old or Gaia Online. Maybe you’ve seen me around elsewhere, like on Twitter, Kongregate, formspring, plurk,, Hangame, or some other social service that I’ve probably joined and forgotten about. (I think I’m also on Poupeegirl, TinierMe, and Nicotto Town, amongst others.) Perhaps you somehow had the good graces to meet me and not recognize me – it’s okay, you can brag about it when I’m a superstar in my next life.

Or maybe you were just a reader of my former blogs let it beat! and minnaSTAR.

In which case none of this is new to you; but if you’re new to me or if you really want to read this all over again, be my guest.

The Writer: Fangirl of Japanese Pop Culture (but the pretty boys help a lot). Chinese-American. 23. College student considering a major in East Asian Studies. Born/raised in NYC. An Arashi fan as of late September 2007, which has since expanded into a general love for boybands that are active and release in Japan, but particularly for Johnny’s and especially V6. In love with being entertained. (My boyfriend is an iPod.) Spends an inordinate amount of money on CDs that she’ll never listen to, games she’ll never finish, lemon iced tea, and food. Has a severely tiny attention span. Usually has no point to her writing.

The Blog: I could say that, having sat stagnant for various periods of time over the course of the two years it ran, I wanted a fresh start from minnaSTAR.

But I’m going to be honest with you. I’ve been seeing and dealing with AAA douches and it made me want to separate myself from the fandom entirely. Including the blog titled after one of the group’s songs. Hence the current title, 無礼講⇒ナイト [bureikouNIGHT], Bureikou for short. (And why, yes, I do like fun symbols and lowercaseCAPITAL combinations.) Named after one of my favorite songs by one of my most enduring music fandoms, move/m.o.v.e., this is (mostly) still the same old content. Further detail regarding the name change can be found in the first (new) post of this blog.

Reviews: Always on whatever I’ve listened to, and felt in the mind to review. I make no claims that I am unbiased, musically trained or knowledgeable, or that you will agree with what I have to say. In particular, I tend to focus on the vocals and the imagery the song gives me rather than technical aspects. Overall, what you see is what you get – that is, plebeian opinions from a musically-plebeian mind. Though you are always welcome to comment whether you disagree or agree.

Like what I have to say? Curious about me? Want a link back to your blog? (I randomly add links without expecting a link back fairly often, especially if I think your blog’s content is relevant to mine.) Want to offer me free stuff? All of the above (but especially that last one)? Leave a comment or

Contact Me:
e-mail: ketsune[at]

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