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CHEMISTRY at Otakon 2011

04/15/2011 2 comments

Otakon has announced one of their musical guests for this year’s convention: R&B duo CHEMISTRY!

In all honesty, I’m very much considering going even if there won’t be autograph sessions or any of the like. I may not stan them as much as I did AAA way back when, but they make some great music. Apparently the dance quartet (now trio) Synergy, whom they worked with for the regeneration tour and singles Shawty & Keep Your Love, may also come?

Between this and Kinkakuji at the Lincoln Center Festival… be right back, I’m rearranging my plans and my financials for this summer.

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The Promotional Parade [August 2007]

So I’ve been gone from blogging for just over a month. (3 weeks of vacation, 1 week of school.) A lot of releases come out in a month. A lot more promotional music videos come out in a month. There are still more that I’ve been meaning to do for a while, but just haven’t managed to get around to.

And while, y’know, I’m not going to cover every single one of them, here’s a batch with the new single releases of August that I was interested in and have been stagnating on my laptop since. Yes, stagnating. That’s the smell of rotten music videos right there. (No, it’s not the roadkill lying outside the window, nor the laundry that ought to be washed, nor the toilet that decided to regurgitate. Whatever made you think that?)

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