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Obligatory Ranking Post (the very belated and lengthy sequel)

04/08/2011 2 comments

I gotta say, I love posts that inspire discussion and all – I really do, even if I’m not a very talkative person myself – but let’s take a different track this time. Sorry to say, not every post can be as awesome and provoking and thought inspiring. Or maybe just plain provocative.

At long last, I finally offer you another ranking post.

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Johnny’s Countdown 2010-2011 Picspam!

I’m not very much for being a media blog. But I made a lot of caps of the Countdown (a total of 274, pared down from 2000) and frankly Koichi’s beauty must be shared with the world, so have the pics that didn’t make it into the Countdown post!

Fair warning: If one were inclined to count, you’d notice I have 127 pictures in the actual Countdown post. That means 147 random pictures, all 500×281 pixels, now follow. If you are on dialup or a slow connection, I’m sorry if you decide to click the jump and basically screw yourself in the butt.

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A Classy New Year in 5…

It is a New Year’s tradition by now.

Every year since 2007-into-2008, I spend New Year’s with people both in and not in my immediate family. If I’m lucky, like this past year, I will even avoid spending it with my immediate family entirely and instead do something with my friends. If I’m unlucky, like this past year, I will also shell out money for snacks that mean little in the face of drunken gaming festivities, but c’est la vie.

Also every year since 2007-into-2008, I will download the Johnny’s Countdown without fail at some point in the following week and proceed to officially kick off my New Year with Japanese men in make-up and fashion failures. Then if I’m lucky, I make a post on it for the blog. If I’m unlucky, like in 2010, I will also work on said post for months on end, and in the end fail to update the blog altogether for the entirety for the year.

Let’s see what kind of year this one will be, shall we?

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The Pretty, the Ugly, and the all so Shiny in 5…

It’s a new year already! Oh, wow, it’s a new year already.

2008 was filled with lots and lots of Johnny’s loving (even the half of the year I disappeared for), so what better way to kick off 2009? Oh, and Arashi was hosting this year’s Countdown too. I know you probably aren’t here to read this opening blurb (if the comments from my post on last year’s Countdown are any indication), so let’s get straight to it.

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Kimi will self-destruct in 4…

01/12/2008 11 comments

…this took way too long. Now I remember why I never tried to make a post on Kouhaku last year.

In light of the New Year, and the sudden turn my listening habits took for the few months prior to the New Year, I decided to switch up my Year-End programming and do what would’ve been unthinkable just a year ago.

Rather than Kouhaku Utagassen, I went for the Johnny’s Countdown.

This really isn’t a big deal, not like being a diehard Ayu fan but ignoring her own Countdown in favor of watching… I dunno, an Amuro Namie concert on DVD. But though I have a general knowledge of the pretty boy jimusho, the only Johnny’s groups whose songs I know are KinKi Kids, Arashi, and NEWS – and Arashi’s only up to their One album (from Happiness going backwards in their discography, of course) while KinKi is more of a “barely know”.

And so I can only blame my watching this on the fact that Arashi was hosting this year (the 10th anniversary, apparently). Readers take note – when I find a new obsession, I fall into it deeply (this is amusing in contrast to my normal lack of attention towards everything else). Please refrain from recommending things to me unless you’re a bitch like Raid (and will put up with my griping for months on end) or willing to take responsibility for my sudden lack of a life.

In the meanwhile, thanks to the countdown, Johnny’s has pretty much completely won me over. Raid’s never going to be forgiven for this.