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Obligatory Ranking Post (the very belated and lengthy sequel)

04/08/2011 2 comments

I gotta say, I love posts that inspire discussion and all – I really do, even if I’m not a very talkative person myself – but let’s take a different track this time. Sorry to say, not every post can be as awesome and provoking and thought inspiring. Or maybe just plain provocative.

At long last, I finally offer you another ranking post.

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Ahoy, V6 stans!

So for those of you who haven’t heard from your local flailing V6 fangirl (unless that’s me, in which case I’m doing my job right now), Go will be coming to New York to perform Kinkakuji this summer, July 21-July 24, as part of the Lincoln Center Festival.

Those of you who think you might be able to make it, you’ve got plenty of time to start planning and preparing.

Those of you who don’t give a shit, well, too bad. Even ignoring the V6 connection, look up Kinkakuji. It’s a surprisingly compelling tale.

And for those of you who just want to know when I’ll post more often on this blog… I did say this blog was operating under the pretenses that I didn’t give a crap. (Well, that’s a lie. I care, I do. We blame school.)

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Baby girl, you blow my mind. [Coming Century’s Hello-Goodbye]

02/13/2011 1 comment

There’s a common music meme that is ageless. By which I mean it was likely floating around even before the Internet. It’s also very simple. You’ve no doubt heard of it – and even if you somehow haven’t you’ll get the idea right away.

It usually goes like this: What are your [X number] desert island albums? If you were stuck on a deserted island with only a music player, which 1/5/10/whatever number albums would you want to have?

If you somehow still don’t get it, then let’s take it in a different way – what album(s) would you be able to listen to over and over?

While I will always be the first to admit that, hell yes, obviously bias plays a major part in any statement I make… when I tell you that Coming Century‘s second album Hello-Goodbye is second on my personal desert island album list, you should trust me.

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Johnny’s Countdown 2010-2011 Picspam!

I’m not very much for being a media blog. But I made a lot of caps of the Countdown (a total of 274, pared down from 2000) and frankly Koichi’s beauty must be shared with the world, so have the pics that didn’t make it into the Countdown post!

Fair warning: If one were inclined to count, you’d notice I have 127 pictures in the actual Countdown post. That means 147 random pictures, all 500×281 pixels, now follow. If you are on dialup or a slow connection, I’m sorry if you decide to click the jump and basically screw yourself in the butt.

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A Classy New Year in 5…

It is a New Year’s tradition by now.

Every year since 2007-into-2008, I spend New Year’s with people both in and not in my immediate family. If I’m lucky, like this past year, I will even avoid spending it with my immediate family entirely and instead do something with my friends. If I’m unlucky, like this past year, I will also shell out money for snacks that mean little in the face of drunken gaming festivities, but c’est la vie.

Also every year since 2007-into-2008, I will download the Johnny’s Countdown without fail at some point in the following week and proceed to officially kick off my New Year with Japanese men in make-up and fashion failures. Then if I’m lucky, I make a post on it for the blog. If I’m unlucky, like in 2010, I will also work on said post for months on end, and in the end fail to update the blog altogether for the entirety for the year.

Let’s see what kind of year this one will be, shall we?

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When I say broken promises, I really mean to break them.

12/31/2010 1 comment

Hi. Me here.

It’s been almost a year, I know. I promised. I tried.

…let’s be honest – no, I didn’t. Okay, end of that.

A lot of things have happened.

I absolutely cannot stand AAA anymore. By no fault of the band. Unless you count the fact that they attracted the fans (and fandom) that ended up putting me off them to begin with. Yes, it’s been a year, and I still want to retch even when I listen to the music that I adored back in 2006 – and believe me, nostalgia goes a long way in how much I like a song. I’m sure there are plenty of nice fans out there. But if you have an inkling of what I’m talking about, you’ll understand.

I still adore V6. I adore the music. I adore the variety shows. I also adore that the fandom is relatively drama free. But mostly I adore Miyake Ken. (Let it never be said that I am not superficial.)

I’ve fallen into the abyss(?) that is Vocaloid music. Sort of. Sort of in that I can tell you I am a definite fan of AVTechNO!, even if his Luka is unintelligible to me about 50% of the time, and Yuyoyuppe. Sort of in that I have about 50 Vocaloid-related albums sitting on my laptop that I should probably listen to. (I’m not exaggerating that number. I wish I were. I’d have more space.)

At some point this past year I delved back into my Japanese music roots. That’s right, anime songs. Not just anison, but seiyuu-related releases as well. Since what got me diving back was Tokimeki Memorial Girl’s Side 3rd Story, that was a natural matter of course. But I have my own specific preferences for seiyuu and anison is a matter of nostalgia, so I allowed myself to be selective and only have about 30 specifically anison/seiyuu-related releases sitting on my laptop that I should listen to. Not too bad? I think? Can I get some validation here?

And somehow, it also seemed natural to follow up Vocaloid and anison with game music. Might as well cover all the unreal otaku bases, right? Persona 3 Portable came out this year, so that was a major part of it. The Vocaloid interest also extended into the doujin group Halozy, who does vocal remixed covers of music from various Touhou games. (No, not Tohorangers/Tohoshinki.) And face it: once into Beatmania – any part of Beatmania – always into Beatmania.

This one, I’m not entirely sure how I got to. In this past month (that is, December), I started listening to Chinese music. Again? I guess again is appropriate. Seeing as how I’m, y’know, Chinese by birth, speak conversational Cantonese and Mandarin, and my parents immigrated from Hong Kong, which I visited about every few years for most of my life. Yes, definitely not the first time in my life listening to Chinese music. And there was that time in 2009 I found some (two) Fahrenheit songs I liked and downloaded all their albums only to find that those were the only two songs I really liked. (I like to pretend that never happened.) So toss on a few more Chinese artists onto my Chinese song playlist.

But what better way to sum up 2010 than to tell you exactly what I liked? Then you can go hunt it down yourselves. I make no claims that these are the best releases 2010 had to offer – there’s so much that I didn’t listen to and so much bias involved. But I say favorites. Your mileage will obviously vary.

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The Pretty, the Ugly, and the all so Shiny in 5…

It’s a new year already! Oh, wow, it’s a new year already.

2008 was filled with lots and lots of Johnny’s loving (even the half of the year I disappeared for), so what better way to kick off 2009? Oh, and Arashi was hosting this year’s Countdown too. I know you probably aren’t here to read this opening blurb (if the comments from my post on last year’s Countdown are any indication), so let’s get straight to it.

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