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Ahoy, V6 stans!

So for those of you who haven’t heard from your local flailing V6 fangirl (unless that’s me, in which case I’m doing my job right now), Go will be coming to New York to perform Kinkakuji this summer, July 21-July 24, as part of the Lincoln Center Festival.

Those of you who think you might be able to make it, you’ve got plenty of time to start planning and preparing.

Those of you who don’t give a shit, well, too bad. Even ignoring the V6 connection, look up Kinkakuji. It’s a surprisingly compelling tale.

And for those of you who just want to know when I’ll post more often on this blog… I did say this blog was operating under the pretenses that I didn’t give a crap. (Well, that’s a lie. I care, I do. We blame school.)

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Baby girl, you blow my mind. [Coming Century’s Hello-Goodbye]

02/13/2011 1 comment

There’s a common music meme that is ageless. By which I mean it was likely floating around even before the Internet. It’s also very simple. You’ve no doubt heard of it – and even if you somehow haven’t you’ll get the idea right away.

It usually goes like this: What are your [X number] desert island albums? If you were stuck on a deserted island with only a music player, which 1/5/10/whatever number albums would you want to have?

If you somehow still don’t get it, then let’s take it in a different way – what album(s) would you be able to listen to over and over?

While I will always be the first to admit that, hell yes, obviously bias plays a major part in any statement I make… when I tell you that Coming Century‘s second album Hello-Goodbye is second on my personal desert island album list, you should trust me.

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