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Charity Auction!

Hello, adoring public! It’s nice to see people weigh in on the subject of fandom, and what makes a good or a bad fan, but let’s move a bit past that for a moment, shall we?

International Wota is currently holding a charity auction to benefit Japan, and I’ve put up some things from my own collection for it. If you’re a fan of AAA, w-inds., or girl idols in general, you’re probably going to be interested, so check it out!

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Steps for Descending into a Fandom

09/29/2007 3 comments

I’ve been hit by a sort of plague recently.

What plague? Well, you’ll find out soon enough after reading the rest of the post. Rest assured that it is not something to laugh at. (I fully expect you to laugh anyways.)

For now, here are Kimi’s steps to Johnny’s fandom. (This may also work for females and males of the less idol-tastic sort, but I can’t guarantee anything.)

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