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I recently found out that thanks to a happy show by the name of Music Fair, a doomsday collaboration had occurred.

“Recently found out” being just “tonight” (It is two minutes to 5AM as I type this, and I am told I finished this post and its tumblr accompaniment at 5:42AM…) while procrastinating on a paper due in about 8 hours, and “doomsday collaboration” being a situation of the “wow, I didn’t think this would ever occur” variety.

But apparently I’m pretty slow on the uptake, since this particular episode aired 4 days ago.

Basically, HOME MADE KAZOKU, Johnny’s duo Tegomass, and AKB48 subunit Watarirouka Hashiritai 7 got together and covered Perfume’s Chocolate Disco.

Some things were great about this:

  • Watarirouka Hashiritai being the main singers.  What better cover of a cute girl group than with a cute girl group.
  • KURO being effin’ cool-as-hell KURO. MICRO also gets points because the interjections didn’t seem out of place, but c’mon. KURO was rocking the shades.
  • DJ U-ICHI. You can never go wrong with DJ U-ICHI.
  • The original dance!
  • Massu enjoying the hell out of himself.
  • Massu and KURO bopping to the song together. I have an OTP for this song now. And I don’t do pairings.
  • I adore those schoolgirl uniforms Watarirouka were wearing. So much. You don’t even know.

But others were just bad:

  • Sorry to say, AKB48 stans, Watanabe Mayu’s (I think?) solo singing here. Too heavy on the cute. Group sounded great together. Mayu solo made me wince.
  • Hell, even Massu sounded kind of off because it was a bit too high for him.
  • Tegoshi trying to be cool-as-hell when he wasn’t flirting with the camera. Yeah… that’s what HMK were there for. You looked like some of the girls rejected you.
  • Going back to Massu… the skirt? Even for Johnny’s, that’s a pretty big WTF.
  • MICRO not singing. Man’s got a good voice. What I wanted to hear most was him singing.

But hell, in the end it was fun. Still not gonna stan AKB48 or Tegomass, and my interest in HOME MADE KAZOKU is definitely much lower than it was about 3 to 4 years ago… but can we get more along the lines of this from Japan, please?